Flexographic printing

Plastylenia specializes in the production of flexographic films printed with up to 10 colours, intended for use in different types of flexible packaging.

The company has been operating in the industry for over twenty years supporting customers with highly qualified specific services for different needs.

Our personnel are experts in flexographic printing and use innovative equipment to a production capacity of over 10,000 tonnes per year.

Computerized systems enable all phases of production to be monitored to ensure maximum quality in the finished product.

Features of flexographic printing

The spread of flexographic printing is mainly due to the possibility of maintaining high quality and low prices.

The flexographic printing system uses plates made of photopolymers that are engraved according to the image to be reproduced and mounted on special cylinders.

These matrices are then inked by means of the rollers and then printed on the desired media.

The solvent-based inks used vary according to the different packing.

Compared to traditional types of printing, flexography can be used on a variety of media, such as paper, plastic or aluminium.

The printing processes are very fast and customizable with graphic designs tailored to your marketing needs.

Professional efficiency at your service

Plastylenia offers qualified services to support customers throughout all the phases of production.

In particular the graphics department is able to perfectly adapt our customers’ graphic files to flex-printing.

Quality and efficiency make Plastylenia the ideal partner for companies operating in the flexible packaging industry.