Plastylenia has been operating in flexographic printing for flexible packaging for over twenty years, receiving highly positive feedback from its customers for the quality of its products.

Quality is not just holding a certificate, rather it constitutes the evidence that the company’s operational procedures and Guide Lines are followed at all levels in order to produce the best service and customer satisfaction with minimal error margins and at the lowest possible cost.

ISO 9001 Certifications

In confirmation of its professionalism, Plastylenia operates a Quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001 and holds a certificate issued by the International Agency, DET NORSKE VERITAS accredited in Italy by Accredia.

Project ISO 14000

As confirmation of the entire organization’s commitment and conformity to modern environmental problems, Plastylenia has created a new structure for the treatment of emissions into the atmosphere, using a regenerative thermal oxidizer that completely burns all harmful substances, thus releasing clean air.

This is the first important step in global integration that will shortly lead to Plastylenia obtaining environmental certification.

Guarantee of efficiency and professionalism

Plastylenia implements all its skills and technological resources to assist our customers with all their requirements, providing top-level services.

The company employs qualified personnel able to implement every production phase, from graphical concepts to finished product.

This high level of quality has enabled Plastylenia to become a partner to major international organisations.